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    Grout Cleaning and Tile Restoration in Lake Forest CA   Ceramic flooring could be identified almost everywhere, kitchens, entrance ways, bathrooms etc. and pretty much always have related grout cleaning and tile restoration troubles. Commercial Steam Tile and Grout Cleaners Pacific's extensive line with the word's very best commercial steam cleaners, featuring the exceptionally [...]

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    2 Oct 2013

    Marble tile floor Cleaning, Sealing, and Polishing Irvine, CA Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning of Irvine, CA is a travertine cleaning, sealing, and polishing company in Irvine CA. Travertine in Irvine, CA and Orange County, is a popular choice for floors, showers, tub decks, vanities and countertops. The use of travertine in the kitchen and bathroom, is not as hard or dense as granite. [...]

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