When to Call a Professional Carpet Cleaner, Newport Beach, CA

There are many methods out there to clean carpets like ironing, vinegar, dawn soap, hydrogen peroxide and etc… But how do you know for sure when to schedule a professional to come in and remove your stains? Part of the decision relies heavily on what type of stain it is and what kind of carpet you have. Many stains can be removed if you attend to it right after it happens, but that isn’t always the case. There are many websites out there that give tips on stain removal but make sure to test out little areas of your carpet before actually taking out the stain. Some homemade remedies or products can ruin the original color of your carpet. So test out a piece of the carpet under a couch or in a corner to clarify that it works. If your stain doesn’t come out that’s when you should call a professional. Surprisingly stains come out easier depending on what type of carpet you have.
Plant type carpets are harder to remove stains and need immediate attention to any accidental spills. Consider hiring a professional for this kind of stain removal. On the other hand wool and synthetic carpets are more stain resistant, and you’ll be more likely to remove any spot stains. But if you are going to try and do a deep clean on a wool carpet it’s recommended to hire someone. A job like that is difficult for someone to do on their own. Mostly because wool fibers absorb more water and are harder to dry. Although, you can do a deep carpet cleaning with synthetic carpet, their fibers are more water resistant.

The Tile and Grout Cleaning Process, Newport Beach, CA

People install tiles on their property because this material is considered easy to clean and manage. It’s durable, comes in a number of designs and colors, and are quite resistant to water and moisture. That’s one of the reasons why tiles are often found bathrooms and kitchens but this material isn’t invulnerable.
If the surface isn’t cleaned and maintained well, it can cause a number of problems. Tile and grout cleaning is easy, though the chore can be time consuming. If you can’t find the time to do it yourself, you can easily hire a professional to handle the task.
What’s Involved in the Tile and Grout Cleaning Process?
• Inspection – It’s important to assess the condition of the grout and tiles before you try to clean them. If the grout is too dirty and has developed mold, you might need to replace it entirely to eliminate the problem. However, if the stains are only in the surface, regular cleaning methods will suffice.
• Cleaning – Once the inspection is done, an expert will determine the proper cleaning method and might even remove the surface layer of the grout before they proceed. Some experts will use modern tools like high-pressure water devices and heavy-duty vacuums to carry out deep tile and grout cleaning. This method is very effective if the dirt hasn’t penetrated too deep into the surface and will make your tiles look as good as new.
• Sealing – After the surface is cleaned, an expert will apply a coat of sealant or other such solution to protect the grout and tile surface from further damage and keep it sanitary. If this sealant isn’t applied, your grout will deteriorate quicker and you’ll be forced to clean or replace it more often.
Why Should You Get it Professionally Cleaned?
Tile is a relatively impregnable surface but the grout around it is porous and difficult to clean. While regular dusting and mopping will remove the topmost layer of dirt and grime from your tiles, it will do nothing for the debris that sink into the grout and cause problems.
Eventually, all the dirt and stains will sink in and cause discoloration. The only way to avoid this is to get professional deep cleaning done. This process will ensure your grout and tiles look clean and new.


Winter can be especially difficult on your carpets. Wet cold season weather means that your carpets need special care during this season. Our tips will help you keep your carpets looking great all season and all year long.
Eighty percent of the dirt and moisture that gets into carpets comes from the outdoors. When it snows outside, you have damp shoes that may carry caked road sand in their soles. Take them off before walking across carpets to keep this out of your home.
When a lot of material is being dragged inside, it pays to vacuum a couple of times a week or even more often. Getting to this dust and dirt early can keep it from working its way deep into carpets.
Having a mat both outside and directly inside the front door can remove any dirt and water before it gets inside to start making a mess of your carpets. Clean these mats often so that they can continue to do their job most effectively.
Holiday parties mean holiday stains. If someone spills food, wine or another substance, blot the area right away. Spot treat soon after to keep the stain from setting. If you are having trouble lifting the stain, call a professional for carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, CA
Consider capping off the winter season by having your carpet professionally cleaned. Because we spend more time indoors in the winter and have a higher chance of tracking in dirt and moisture, carpets can be especially dirty this time of year. By getting your carpets cleaned at the end of the season, you can start the spring with a fresh new look.
We are dedicated to keeping your carpets looking great throughout the year and helping them last longer. Get in touch today for carpet cleaning in Newport Beach and Orange County.

6 Amazing Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning, Newport Beach, CA

There is a misconception that carpets cannot be kept clean, and that explains why respiratory-related illnesses are on the rise. Dirty carpets lower the indoor air quality as well as deteriorate the indoor environment. Carpet cleaning not only enhances your home’s appearance but also extends the life of carpets. Perhaps the most valuable benefit is improving your family’s health.
While you think that renting or buying carpet cleaning machines is cheaper than hiring a professional carpet cleaner, the advantages of the latter are more. Professional cleaning saves time and ensures that carpets are cleaned professionally. Professional carpet cleaners will do more than just vacuuming your carpets. Here are reasons why you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner the next time you want to clean your carpets.
1. It gets rid of trapped pollutants.
Dirty carpets retain several indoor air pollutant sources such as lead particle pollution, pet dander, dirt and dust, and cockroach allergens. Toxic airborne gases can also get trapped within the carpet, which is released during vacuuming. Consequently, they contaminate air at home. Professional carpet cleaners kill the bacteria by using special shampoos and high-powered vacuums, which get rid of deeply trapped pollutants.
2. It prevents the growth of mold.
Carpets in high humidity levels encourage mold growth, especially when exposed to moisture. Moisture gets trapped in homes in precipitous weather which sinks deep in the carpet fibers if not vacuumed and dried immediately. Professional carpet cleaners have the right tools that annihilate moisture, which prevents the growth of mold that is harmful to your health. They also have the expertise to handle mold growth in carpets.
3. It clears out dust mite infections.
Most homes have dust mite infestations. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know about the infestation because they are microscopic. Dust mites are not allergens. However, the body fragments and feces they leave behind are allergens. Residents can easily inhale the particles because they are microscopic, which causes allergies. Carpet cleaning companies make use of steam cleaning to expose the carpet to high temperatures that get rid of dust mites.
4. Get rid of carpet stains.
Apart from cleaning dirt that sinks deeps into your carpet, a professional carpet cleaner will get rid of stains that accumulate. The company reaches deep into the carpet padding and removes the marks for good. That improves the beauty of your carpet and makes your home beautiful. They restore the original quality and beauty of the carpet, which also keeps your home fresh and clean.
5. Knowledge on different carpet types.
Carpet cleaning technicians have been in the industry for quite some time. That means that they have handled various carpet types. Therefore, they will suggest the most suitable cleaning technique for your carpet type and intensity of dirt. They help in protecting your carpet from damage since they use the right tools, detergents, and techniques that won’t damage your carpet.
6. Don’t break your back.
Professional cleaners will do all the work for you including moving furniture out of the room before cleaning and moving it back after completing the task. You don’t have to break your back doing all that while you can just hire a professional cleaner as you relax. You just need to make sure that the quote includes all that to avoid incurring extra fees.
Make sure you research when you are ready to hire a cleaner. You should ensure that you hire an experienced company that employs qualified staff. Do not forget to ask for a quote so that you choose an affordable carpet cleaner.

Spanish, Terracotta, Saltillo Tile Floor Cleaning

  Spanish, Terracotta, Saltillo Tile Floor Cleaning

Our Mexican tile cleaning & Mexican tile polishing services will vary depending on the condition & needs of your floor. Stripping Mexican tile or terracotta stripping is not always necessary and is very labor intensive if it is done properly. Having to strip is rare and due to the intensive labor, time & hazardous chemicals comes at a high cost to you. It is done each and every tile and grout line one by one by hand. Acid is used by many other companies. This will change the color of the Mexican tile or terracotta and damage the surface of your floor. Usually a scrubbing is all that is needed.

If you have been placing years of store bought wax type products on your floor, the build up will need to be and can be stripped with a machine. This is also fairly labor intensive.

Most of the time a professional cleaning of Mexican tile, Mexican tile sealing and polishing Mexican tile is all that is necessary to give your floor a great appearance. Terracotta cleaning, sealing & terracotta polishing as well.

If Mexican tile stripping is absolutely necessary, we will let you know. We clean Mexican tile, re-seal and polish Mexican tile or polish terracotta with a minimum of ( 3 ) coats of a low gloss, semi gloss or high gloss finish. Exterior tile a low shine polyurethane or a penetrating sealer is used due to slippery conditions and can only be done in dry weather conditions. Whether you have Mexican tile ( saltillo ), Spanish or Italian terracotta tile, we will provide the cleaning, sealing & polishing service that is right for your floors.

   We Cleaning, stripping, sealing, polishing, restoration & refinishing of Mexican tile, saltillo & terracotta.


Steam cleaners that are used by the professionals consist primarily of heated water which is designed to break up the dust, dirt, and bacteria so that it can be removed from your carpet. This means that little, if any residue is left in the fibers of the carpet which are now properly cleaned. When performed every so often, proper carpet cleaning can clean away deep-seated dirt and debris which results in a cleaner carpet.
These are the cleaners which are most likely to use harsh chemicals as they are designed to remove tough stains. Today, there are many natural ingredients that are used to separate the stain from the carpet fibers so that it can be easily lifted. The spot cleaner itself offers little in the way of danger to babies and small pets as whatever residue remains is quickly cleaned away.
Another effect of carpet cleaning with natural products is that it helps reduce indoor air pollutants that can negatively affect the health of growing babies in the household. Thanks to the carpet cleaning, the amount of dust in the atmosphere is significantly reduced and the natural products used offer very little threat to babies and small pets.
In addition, having your carpets cleaned by a professional company that uses natural products will get rid of the dust, dirt, and debris that may be harmful to your baby. Vacuuming that does not pick up all the debris may harbor germs and bacteria that come into the home from a variety of sources. In addition, carpets that get wet may allow for the buildup of mold and mildew which represent a very strong threat to everyone inside.
For these reasons and more, having your carpets cleaned by a professional company that uses natural products not only removed the dirt and debris, but also may stop mold and mildew from building up in your carpets which provide a greater threat to those living in your home.

Is it Too Soon to Clean My New Carpet?, Newport Beach, CA

If you purchased new carpet within the last year or two, you may be wondering when you should start to have it professionally cleaned. Often times, the carpet store salesperson will tell you to wait as long as possible before having your new carpet professionally cleaned; that cleaning your carpet will just make it get dirty faster requiring more frequent cleaning. Is that true?
Old Attitudes for Old Technology
The belief that once you clean your carpets the first time you will then need to clean them all the time goes back to the early days of professional carpet cleaning. Back then lots of chemicals and water were used in an attempt to get the carpet clean. These carpet cleaning chemicals worked great at attracting soil away and suspending those soils in the cleaning solution to be wet vacuumed away.
Early carpet cleaning equipment was not able to extract or rinse out all the chemicals applied. So the chemicals remained on the carpet as a sticky, soil-attracting residue. It was true that once you cleaned your carpet back “in the day” your carpets needed to be cleaned more often.
How Poor Quality Carpet Cleaning can Cause Damage
“Discount” carpet cleaners who charge low, low prices can cause irreversible damage because they use cheap chemicals, inferior equipment and untrained workers.
The poor guys who work for them are often subcontractors or are paid on commission. The technician often has to rush through the job just to make a decent living. Often times cheap, sticky chemicals are left in the carpet because they were not properly rinsed out. Sure the carpet looks okay when he leaves, but the carpets will re-soil quickly, often over the course of a few days or weeks.
The True Benefits of High Quality Carpet Cleaning
The carpet cleaning industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. The cleaning agents, though more expensive, are designed to rinse freely from the carpet and leave little or no residue. Quality equipment does cost more, but it has the power to thoroughly clean your carpet and rinse away soils and cleaning agents. Finally, the application of a quality protector makes your carpet stay cleaner longer.
A reputable cleaning company will pre-treat, agitate and rinse with extremely hot water and a power vacuum system. This leaves carpets clean, fluffy and residue-free. Indoor air quality is improved so your family can breathe easier!
Finally, most major carpet manufacturers require professional carpet cleaning once every 12-24 months in order to maintain your carpet warranty. If you want your carpets to stay cleaner, last longer and look beautiful call Pacific Carpet/Upholstery/Tile Cleaning Newport Beach, CA to setup your personalized carpet care program.

What The Best Carpet Cleaners Know About Getting A Great-Smelling Home, Newport Beach, CA

Winter is Here in Southern California and as the best carpet cleaners, we know that winter weather doesn’t mean in Nevada what it means in a lot of the rest of the country. Our winters are usually pretty mild and the good thing about that is that it makes winter a perfect time to open the windows and get some fresh air, which is something it’s impossible to do in the scorching heat of summer. If you can’t wait for cool weather so that you can get the smelly, stuffy air out of your home and get it ready for holiday visitors, here are some tips for deodorizing your home naturally:
✓ Get Rid Of The Source Of Smells
The source of most lingering, nasty smells in your home is food and food containers. If your home smells a little funky but you’re not sure where the smell is coming from, empty all of your trash containers first. If you have children, check their rooms for food garbage, like banana peels or sour milk. Even if you find the source and remove it, it may take a while for the room or house to smell better. It’s a good idea to clean kitchen trash cans periodically and even sprinkling the bottom with baking soda before you put a plastic trash bag in it.
✓ Vacuum A Lot
A good vacuum, especially one with a HEPA filter can make a big difference in keeping your home smelling good. You must vacuum as often as possible, especially if you have small children or pets. Humans and animals constantly shed skin and hair that is covered in natural oils with degraded bits of hormones. Bacteria that thrive on this food source poop all over your carpeting, which is what can cause the smells in your carpeting. In addition to regular vacuuming, you must also have your carpets steam-cleaned at least once a year by the best carpet cleaners in Newport Beach, CA, Pacific, to make sure they smell good and that they’re sanitized.
✓ Open The Windows
Winter in Southern California is a great time to fling open the windows and let the breezes flow through your home. Studies have shown that indoor air quality is significantly worse than outdoor air quality so make sure you have lots of fresh air circulating this winter.
✓ Use Citrus Cleaners For Freshness
Nothing can make a home smell fresher than the smell of citrus. There are many natural cleaners on the market that employ citrus oils to clean non-porous surfaces and make the whole house smell great. A mild solution of a cleaner with lemon or orange extracts can be used to clean trash cans, the refrigerator and more. You can even pour a cup into your garbage disposal and let it sit for an hour to rid it of the food smells that build up inside it over time.
✓ Treat Pet Odors
If you have pets who have accidents on your carpeting, make sure you blot them up as soon as possible. Use as much water as possible but not so much that you saturate your carpet. If you find a smelly, dried spot of urine, add a little vinegar to the water to break down the crystals in the urine. Once the area is dry, vacuum it thoroughly.

Worried Your House SMELLS Like Pets, Newport Beach, CA

Worried Your House SMELLS Like Pets? Your guests may be too polite to tell you… Do you worry that your house smells like your pets?
Are you afraid that your friends and family are bothered by the hair, the stains, or the odor? Do you smell a bit of dog or cat sometimes? Do you have just a small spot or two? Maybe you aren’t even sure but would like a professional evaluation?
Pets leave behind a variety of odor causing things including that sticky, stinky urine and marking spray. Pet hair and dander can cause severe odor problems and trigger allergies, and the oil from pet hair attracts dirt and can cause permanent damage to your carpet. That gross stuff needs to go!
Do you have areas where the pet chewed or clawed the carpet? We’ve fixed all sorts of damage from dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and even rabbits! We Are PET LOVERS Taking Care of Pet Problems. As lifetime pet lovers, we know a thing or two about managing pet issues in our own home. This means that we specialize in JUDGEMENT FREE inspection and HASSLE FREE Pet Stain and Odor treatment. And, thanks to our GREAT REVIEWS we don’t need to rely on high pressure tactics; our reputation speaks for itself!
We find it, and WE FIX IT!
Many of our customers thought they would have to replace their carpet or get rid of their pets to be able to enjoy their homes free from embarrassing odor, stains, hair, and damage. Fortunately, we are TRAINED and EXPERIENCED in using our advanced tools, meters, gadgets, and finely tuned noses. We have tests that you never even knew existed and go to lengths you couldn’t imagine to pinpoint the exact location of the odor causing contaminants. We have scientifically designed solutions and techniques to thoroughly REMOVE EVERY LAST BIT of the contamination, repair any unsightly damage and bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is fresh and clean. We remove the odor, the hair, and the stain and repair the damage to save our customers hundreds, even thousands, in replacement costs.
We can do the same for you!
CALL US TODAY for a Judgment Free Inspection and SET YOUR MIND AT EASE.

Carpet cleaning tips, Newport Beach, CA

Carpet cleaning is not as easy as you might think. A poor job or an inexperienced cleaner can ruin your carpet for good. To prevent this from happening, you need to either hire a professional carpet cleaning service or follow the tips below in order to maintain your carpets clean and freshness, just as they were at the beginning.
A rule of thumb for protecting your carpets is to use a doormat. This will reduce the amount of soil transferred from a hard surface onto your carpets. You should also ensure you do a proper cleaning of your doormat on a regular basis.
The wear and tear of your carpets is increased by the amount of soil as well dirt that is trampled into it. That is why, the best advice in carpet maintenance is vacuuming. You have to vacuum your carpets thoroughly and regularly in order to ensure the dirt doesn’t have time to get into the fibers, therefore damaging the carpeting.
If the vacuuming process has been delayed for too long, probably your vacuum cleaner will no longer be able to ensure a proper job. Make sure you hire a carpet cleaning contractor that can provide steam or deep cleaning services. Specialists say that, in order to maintain a long life for your carpet, professional cleaning services should be acquired at least every 15 months.
A steam cleaning, or hot water extraction as they call it, is the process where a solution of water and detergent is sprayed onto the carpet and then sucked out by a powerful vacuum. This method is one of the best carpet cleaning options, as it doesn’t damage the fibers. The machine will recover the water and soil from the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh.
If you decide to not use a carpet cleaning service but do the cleaning yourself, make sure you don’t get the carpet too wet. Use detergents which are chemically active and safe enough that don’t require a great amount of water. Allowing your carpets to become too wet will not only cause problems like shrinking, loose of adhesiveness or discoloration. Keep in mind, before you start water cleaning, that the carpet is swept or vacuumed. This will make the pile stand up, loosening the dirt.
Another issue with carpets is that they receive dents and depressions from heavy furniture. The best way to avoid this is by changing the furniture’s position from time to time. If your carpet already has dents then you need brush it up with a grooming tool, after that you need to use an iron to steam the area, this will therefore turf up the dent.
The best way to keep your carpets clean and fresh as new, is by hiring Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Newport Beach, CA. They have been in business since 1980 and their client list is continuously growing.