Outdoor Tile Cleaning and Patio Tile Sealing

Pacific Tile Cleaning offers a number of patio tile cleaning and outdoor tile sealing services for home floors and other indoor and outdoor surfaces. We work with a variety of natural stone tile materials to include ceramic tile & grout, Travertine tile, slate, marble, flagstone, terrazzo, stained and polished concrete, and Saltillo tile. Whether your home is in need of cleaning and sealing for kitchen floors, your entire home, or outdoor patios & walkways, we can deliver top-quality, lasting solutions for your home.

Outdoor Tile Floor Restoration

Our deep cleaning process removes ground-in dirt, mildew and mold, water spots and spills. We use high alkaline stone soaps to attack embedded dirt, specialty cleaners for mineral deposits (efflorescence), and pH neutral cleaners to bring the pH of the installation to neutral before sealing with commercial grade, breathable, penetrating fluoro-polymer sealants. Restoring your floor back to it original luster and finish is our number one goal, and our nearly four decades of floor restoration experience guarantees quality service and affordable prices.

Outdoor Tile Cleaning Around Pool Area or Deck

Pacific has extensive expertise in cleaning the dirt and grime from your outdoor tile around your pool and deck areas. Removing those stubborn stains, algae build up, and calcium deposits to bring your tile flooring back to its original shine is our specialty. Regardless of the material: travertine, marble, saltillo, terrazzo, slate, limestone, concrete, or granite, our comprehensive tile floor restoration services can clean and seal those pool and deck areas to protect your outdoor living areas for many years to come.

Outdoor Tile Cleaning Not Only Beautifies Your Home, But It Can Protect You As Well

Moss, algae, and mildew build up on your outdoor living areas around your deck or pool can become very slippery and can become a liability leading to injuries if not maintained. Your outdoor living space can become increasingly slick when your outdoor tile becomes wet when build up of algae, mold or moss exists.

Please note that different surface areas need different forms of cleaning.  Our in-depth knowledge of the material and the characteristics of its deterioration process allow us to treat your outdoor living area with the exact cleaning and sealing process to bring its surface back to its original shine.  We will identify the type of stains and contamination while suggesting the right manner of cleaning required.

Removing Oil and Grease from Your Outdoor Tile

Immediate treatment must occur to get rid of oil and grease.  As these substances leave stubborn stains that cleaning alone will not help, as the stains will be permanent.  Only immediate action will help. Such stains can only be removed by utilizing certain cleaning processes that require stronger then normal chemical agents.  It is our motto to suggest the use of environmentally safe products where necessary before resulting to any harsh chemical cleaners.

Sealing Your Outdoor Tile Around Your Pool or Deck Area

What is the function of the Tile Sealer?

The functioning element in an natural stone sealer is in the form of a natural or a synthetic resin.  This element is combined into liquid form and added to a solvent or water. The properties of the stone and tile sealer are as follows:

  • The stone absorbs the sealer.
  • The solvent or water transports the resin into the stone when applying.
    Later the solvent or water evaporates leaving the resin behind in the stone to
    protect it.
  • The stagnant resin is deposited into the stone, then solidifies and closes all
    the stone pores to prevent the stone from absorbing other elements.